3 BSA de lujo

Os animo a que veais lo fino que se puede llegar a hilar con una BSA.

Thanx Cai.

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Cay Brøndum dijo...

You´r welcome - And congratulations with the Blog. It look Great - Keep it up.

Cheers from Copenhagen


Cafe Racer Dreams dijo...

Thanks mate!!
Your blog is awesome too!

We just started and we hope to have many followers soon.
In the near future we will have a website with more content.

We hope to see you here, and do not hesitate to take pictures and contents of our blog whenever you want.

Best regards,


Cafe Racer Dreams dijo...

Hi Cay,
By the way, one question...
Are you the artist who signs on the chassis of the Wrenchmonkees' motorcycles??

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